Sunday, 22 September 2013

For me it is a dream come true, my book has been published!

It is quite a feeling logging onto a site like Amazon and seeing your hard work appearing there and not just that but knowing that it is for sale! What a rush!

After four years of writing, research, re-writing, more research, and then hours of fine tuning, my project has finally seen the light of day. Looking back it does not actually seem that long ago when I had the first idea to begin writing this book, although that is actually incorrect, my first idea was to write a book about how the Saxons defeated the largest Viking army ever to set foot in England at Stamford Bridge, but then I discovered that there was more to it than that. Anyway, I digress, the fact is that without checking my prodigous amount of notes I would not have thought that I had spent four years doing this!

The good thing is, however, well at least I think that it is, that The Sorrow Song Trilogy project has only just begun really; there's two more books to write! So why I am busy doing that I don't suppose you fancy having a stroll along to Amazon and having a look do you?

And here's my author's page if you happen to be interested:

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