Thursday, 29 August 2013

And he's back!

Just got back from a trip to Germany via Holland. We enjoyed a river cruise down the Rhine, going as far south as Rudesheim and stopping off at places like Koblenz, Boppard, and Andernach, with a trip down the Moselle to visit Cochem too.

Even managed vistis to Cologne and Dusseldorf as well.

Had a great time, lovely scenery, friendly locals, good wine, bier and food. We journeyed on the MV Virginia, one of the older and smaller vessells that ply their tourist trade on this famous river, but it seemed all the more enjoyable just for that. Only a hundred passengers but that made it easier to get to know people.
I must say that I liked what I saw of Germany very much. The people we met were friendly and shamed us with their ability to speak several languages, being typically Enlgish we could only speak one between us!

Now to get back to the real world!

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