Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Back at last!

I have been very busy lately on a number of projects and also with having to earn a living as my book still has not sold in the quantities necessary for me to live in the lifestyle that I want to become accustomed to!

One thing that I decided to do was develop a website that brings many of the things that I am interested in together in one place. My first web-site was dedicated to The Sorrow Song Trilogy and was fun to do but someone pointed out that I am interested in more than just that and it might be better to show what else gets my attention.

The result is this:

There is a section on The Sorrow Song Trilogy, complete with background information on the Saxons – I was not going to throw all that work away! There’s also a section on photography and art and finally something on politics.

This is very much a work in progress, I mean there’s nothing there about dinosaurs yet! I will be adding and changing things frequently, at least I hope to be. Please have a look and if you feel like it share the link with others.
Many thanks.

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