Wednesday, 27 November 2013

In the Shadow of a Darker Project

I am writing a trilogy of historical fiction novels concerning 1066 but I find my mind turning to something much darker.

It seems that everyone expects me to continue in historical fiction after I finish my third novel but this project that currently exists only in my mind would be very difficult to squeeze into that genre. I don’t want to talk too much about it yet, what author does, but it is very different in every way from The Sorrow Song Trilogy.

True, it is set in a particular historical time, Britain in the 1930’s, but it is a very different Britain from that recorded in the history books, I suppose an ‘alternative history’ might cover it as a label but then it is so much more as well.

I am not setting out to write an alternative history, that is not the main attraction, it is just that the main subject kind of requires a slight alteration to the fabric of British history in order for the story to be told.

Curiously I have the subject of the book very strongly in my mind but other things are developing very slowly. I am not concerned as I still have two books to write before I can begin serious work on this project, but certain themes are already beginning to surface and a rather interesting notion has occurred to me that adds an extra dimension, perhaps a lighter one, to the very dark subject matter.

There are lots of other ideas scribbled down in my virtual jotter but this one has made the strongest impression upon me so far, I think that it is going to be something of a journey for me as it touches on personal experiences that are quite raw and although the subject often repels most people I find it fascinating in a way that others might not consider healthy.

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