Monday, 28 October 2013

Holding your first novel in your hands

Today I started reading the proof copy of my book The War Wolf from CreateSpace. I have to admit that it was pretty exciting to be holding an actual printed copy of my book! It looks fantastic, but then I would say that; I wrote it!

Joking aside it was a very special moment, even though this is the proof version, which means that it is not yet fully approved. I still felt a kind of reverence for what I was holding; I expect most first time novelists do. It was exciting seeing the image on but to have it there in front of me was somehow more moving. I like e-books, in fact I am getting to like them even more having just inherited a Kobo e-reader, but I am old enough to remember when such devices did not exist and a book was just that – a book!

I expect that I will have to knuckle down and stop just lovingly looking at the thing and actually start turning the pages. Yes, I know, I said that I had started reading it, but in truth all I have done is...well...just lovingly looked at it!

More to follow along with a picture of myself and my treasured possession!

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